2rn Core Activities

RTÉ has been in the broadcasting business since 1926.  2rn is responsible for the TV and radio broadcast distribution and telecommunications equipment hosting in the Republic of Ireland. The head office is based at Block B, Cookstown Court Old Belgard Road Tallaght, Dublin 24.

The infrastructure used on these sites varies from 25m freestanding towers or poles to 300m stayed masts. A microwave radio distribution network links the major sites.

2rn distributes and transmits the programme services of RTÉ Radio and Television, TG4, Virgin Media and Today FM. We also provide transmission services to a number of local and regional radio broadcasters as well as site services to mobile telephone and broadband operators, private communications companies and the emergency services.

The key activities associated with the provision of these services include the following:

  • Maintenance of transmitters and transposers and other broadcast equipment.
  • Maintenance of Microwave Links.
  • General Infrastructure Maintenance.
  • Project Implementation.
  • Frequency Planning.
  • Network Monitoring.