2rn Work Locations and H&S Management

The work sites connected with 2rn activities include the following:

  • Block B, Cookstown Court Old Belgard Road Tallaght, Dublin 24.
  • Tel: 01-2082223 • Fax: 01-2082283
  • Approximately 170 remote sites containing masts, buildings, antennae and other broadcasting equipment, ranging in size from 10m to over 300m in height. These sites are located all over Ireland.

The key note to the success of the company is maintaining a high standard in Safety, Health and Welfare lies in its ability to maintain a flexible organisation to deal with all matters of concern to the Health, Safety and Welfare of its employees.

The Health and Safety Department ensures the effective operation of the Safety Management System. They are responsible for ensuring the implementation of the Safety Policy and introduce any other measures necessary for ensuring that the Safety, Health and Welfare requirements of the Act are carried out.

The Health and Safety Team constantly review, revise and put forward to the Senior Managers such requirements or amendments considered necessary to ensure continuous improvement of the safety management system and requirements under the 2005 Act and associated regulations.